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Sarah Milner

Executive Director
Central Lambton Family Health Team

4130 Glenview Rd., Unit 3
Petrolia, ON N0N 1R0

Phone: 519-882-2500
Fax: 519-882-4321
Email: [email protected]


Rosanne Orcutt

Central Lambton Recruitment Committee

Phone: 519-882-1604
Email: [email protected]


Top left to right:
Lonny Napper, Nick Salaris, Owen Byers
Bottom left to right:
Jill Edwards, Rosanne Orcutt-Chair, Sarah Milner
Absent: Alison Mahon

If you are a physician or aspiring physician who is interested in not only seeing our unique hospital, but also our great town, I’d love to take you on a tour myself! Just fill out your info below and I’ll get back to you within 72 hours!Dr. John Butler